Egg Production and Packaging...

Packing Farmlay

At Farmlay Eggs some 5 million eggs are produced, graded and packaged each week – 60% of them are Free Range, Barn and Organic. The rest of the eggs are produced in the Enriched Colony system.

We are in full control of all aspects of the egg production process. This encompasses the selection and rearing of day old chicks through to the control and monitoring of the health and welfare of the company’s flock of laying hens. We all work together to maintain the highest standards of production, packing and customer service.

We also work very closely with our feed suppliers who produce personalised diets that ensure our hens are in the best of health so they can consistently lay top quality eggs for our customers.

Free Range, Barn, Organic...

At the Armagh plant concerted investment in the latest technology means that advanced computerised equipment can grade and pack up to 9,900 dozen eggs every hour in a packaging format to suit and accommodate all our customers’ requirements.

With consistent high quality as our main goal, our equipment incorporates automatic dirt and crack detection, weighing, segregation and ‘best before date’ stamping. Part of our traceability system involves printing each egg with their unique Farm ID number.

We also use a computerised traceability system which follows the eggs through the factory ensuring traceability is maintained at all times.

Traceability, food safety and animal welfare are extremely important at Farmlay Eggs and we are accredited by a number of independent bodies:

  • BRC Food
  • British Lion Industry Council
  • RSPCA Assured
  • Organic Farmers & Growers

If you would like more information about these bodies please click on their logos above.